The LCP ANTIRUST system is a great method to not only lower your consumption of valuable corrosion products, but also increase protection for your tube. The ANTIRUST system utilizes proprietary spray nozzles to regulate the exact amount of RP deposited onto the surface ot the tube in g/m2. To do this, the system syncs with the speed of the mill to ensure that RP is always applied at a constant and efficient rate in relation to the speed of the mill. This process ensures complete and consistent coverage for your tube at the most efficient rates possible. The ANTIRUST system is also a completely closed system meaning all RP that does not reach the surface of the tube is collected, filtered, and recirculated back through to the main tank. This feature saves thousands of dollars a year in RP costs and eliminates hazardous fumes and dangerous oil spills from the plant environment providing operators safer working conditions.

  • Reduce consumption of RP by 70%
  • Eliminate wasted RP due to overspraying
  • Provide complete and efficient coverage for your product
  • Improve operator working conditions due to hazardous fumes
  • 5” LCD touchscreen allows easy setup and control
  • Eliminate product claims for rusted tubing
  • Eliminate nozzle clogs with FLOW VERIFICATION Technology
  • Extractable spray boxes allow fast changeover between


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