Tube Mills
Composition of MTM Tube Mills
  • 5 Break Down Driven Stands
  • 3 Fin Pass Driven Stands
  • 7 Idle Forming Stands with Vertical Shaft
  • Idle Edge Guide
  • 1 Forging Head
  • 4 Sizing Stands with Vertical Shaft
  • Outside Scarfing Unit with Double Tooling Set
Specific Purposes MTM Tube Mills
  • More Driven Stands at any Section
  • Individual Motor of Each Single Stand
  • Roughing Sizing Stands for Shipping
Common Features of MTM Tube Mills
  • Vertically Adjustable Lower Shaft
  • Transversally Adjustable Upper Shaft
  • Vertical Idle Shafts Vertically Adjustable
  • Centralized Lubrication Circuit
  • Lower Shaft Position Digital Readout
  • Upper Shaft Position Digital Readout
  • Vertical Idle Shaft Position Readout
  • AC or DC Drives
  • Quick Tool Change
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