Flying Cut Off Machines
Standard MTM
Flying Cut Off Machines Range
  • Cold Saw, HSS and TCT
  • Orbital Saw (Comby)
  • Friction Saw
  • Single Blade Punch
  • Double Knife (Dimple Free)
Specific Purposes MTM Tube Mills
  • ScrapTube Optimization
  • Complete Connection for Diagnostic
Common Features of MTM
Flying Cut Off Machines
  • Rack and Pinion Transmission
  • AC, DC or Linear Motor for Acceleration of Carriage
  • Possibility to Vary Length of Cutting without Stopping Tube Mill
  • Penetration Axis Electronically Controlled
  • Control Pulpit Provided with PC Based HMI machine Interface
  • Auto Diagnostic Interface
  • Displaying Production Statistics and operation Diagnostics
  • Interface to In-Line non Destructive Test
  • Electronically Controlled Lubrication System
  • Hydraulic/Mechanical Blocking Jaws
  • Short Cuts for Scrap Tube Capability
  • Electronic Adjustment of Blade Speed according to the Material Characteristics
  • Saw Blade Quick Change
  • Easy-to-use PC Based Graphic Interface
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