With over 2,000 deburring machines in service, the Burrmaster® is easily the most popular wire brush deburring machine in the world.

The diverse range of Burrmaster tube deburring machines gives you the right machine for your application . The model 02, model 03, model 05, and model 08 Burrmaster’s provide you with a full spectrum of choices for the wire brush deburring of your tubes or parts.

The Burrmaster link-up systems and automatic loading options allow you to deburr up to 4,000 parts per hour! Burrmaster deburring machines can be automatically loaded to provide very high output for the most demanding applications. These machines can be directly linked up to a cut off saw, shear re-cut, tube mill, or other processing machine to reduce tube handling.

Burrmaster’s wide selection of wire brushes allows you to get the optimal deburr of your tubing. Wire brushes come in crimped wire, twisted knot, hardened and tempered wire, stainless steel wire, as well as several wire diameters to suit your application. Also available are nylon filament wire brushes for aluminum and other specialty metals.

  • Part length 1” to 80’
  • .125” to 8.00” O.D. Round
  • Up to 100 pcs. per minute
  • Built in scale with quick and simple change over.
  • Can be linked up to new or existing cut off machine
  • Simultaneously deburrs both ends of a tube or bar at the same time


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