The Buckeye Ultra-Burr is designed to deburr both tube ends simultaneously and includes scaled adjustments to allow for brush concentration on the tube I.D., O.D., or both. Using the same brushing principles, notched tube guide rails allow deburring of squares, rectangles,
and other non-round parts.


The patented dedimple/deburr machine originally produced by Buckeye Mfg. is available through Kent Corporation. This innovative design combines the operations of
dedimpling the tube after cut off with deburrung the tube for a high quality finish.

Roll Grooving

The Buckeye Mfg. Roll Grooving Machine provides for an
automated grooving of standard pipe sizes. This unique
system improves consistency and quality and removes
manual handling of the pipe.

ID Scarf Flush-Out

The Patented I.D. Scarf Flushout system originally developed by Buckeye Manufacturing is now available through Kent Corporation. This innovative system eliminates the messy problem of getting the ID scarf out of the tube. This system automates this process and eliminates the need for a secondary operation.

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