Saw Blades
Kent saw blades are most commonly made from M2 tool steel and are stocked in a variety of standard metric sizes for many different sawing machines. We can help you choose the most appropriate blade design, tooth geometry and coating for your particular sawing requirements. We sell more than 20,000 blades annually and generally have inventory for most common sizes available to ship within a 3‐5 day time period.
  • Segmental Saws
  • Shredder Blades
  • Carbide Tipped Saws
  • Friction & Hot Saws

Segmental Saw Blades

ChipMaster segmental saw blades are manufactured to the most stringent tolerances. Segmental saw blades were developed to increase the saw blade diameter (cutting capacity) while maintaining a reasonable cost. Additionally, these blades were designed to facilitate more cost effective repair when teeth are broken. Each individual segment can be replaced if the teeth are broken or chipped.

Due to significant increases in wear life, ChipMaster segmental saw blades will lower your overall tool costs dramatically. By using CNC equipment, the tooth form and cutting tooth geometry are very precise. We can produce a consistent grind from blade to blade and batch to batch. After sharpening, the blade will perform as it did when it was brand new. We have invested more than two million dollars in CNC saw blade manufacturing equipment. This investment pays big dividends in the quality and consistency we can produce.

Friction & Hot Saw

Developed for industrial applications and wear resistant under the most severe cutting conditions, our friction and hot saw blades have all the attributes necessary to improve your cutting operation.

Our friction and hot saw blades are designed for cutting carbon steel in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are used in flying or stationary sawing machines for tube production lines or for cutting grating and other profiles. Optimized for an extra long blade life and no cracking, diameters are available up to 100"(2500mm).TT

Shredder Blades

Kent manufactures shredder blades using Duralloy wear resistant steel. Blades are available for many applications including tire shredding and solid waste reduction.

All shredder blades are surface ground to exacting tolerances. Blades can be marked and supplied in stacking order.

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