Ferritol Impeder Cores
Get the highest quality ferrite cores for your impeder from stock today!
Our proprietary blend of ferrite allows you to maximize your impeder performance when welding pipe and tube. We stock a wide variety of hollow and sold ferrite cores that are ideally suited for your application. Our tight tolerances allow you to easily construct your impeder.

Hollow and Hollow Fluted Round
Hollow-Fluted and Hollow-Round type ferrite are used mainly in conjunction with smaller integral mandrel impeders or M-style return flow impeders where the coolant needs to flow through the center of the ferrite and return back around the outside of the ferrite for recycling. On larger diameter impeders, multiple smaller solid ferrites can be used in clusters around this tube to achieve the same end result.
Soild Fluted
Solid fluted ferrite is the most popular ferrite core used in impeders. The fins in the ferrite allow maximum amounts of coolant to flow freely around the impeder to improve impeder life.
Solid Flat Sided
Flat sided ferrite is mostly used in ferrite clusters for larger diameter impeders but can also be found in smaller impeders as well.
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