Vertical Floop Strip Accumulator

The Vertical Floop® Strip Accumulator is the most popular Strip Accumulator in the World! The Floop® was developed over 30 years ago and is now on over 1,000 coil processing lines around the world. The Floop® eliminates all downtime associated with coil changes by accumulating enough strip to allow a coil joining operation to take place while the line runs from the accumulated material. For a free quote on a Floop® click here.

The advantages of the Floop® Strip Accumulator over Horizontal Accumulators include: The Floop® is a Vertical Strip Accumulator and takes less in-line floor space. It stores more material for a given size coil and allows you to run with smaller size coils. The Floop® does not require the material to run on its edge as is conventional in Horizontal Strip Accumulators. Additionally, the strip is not twisted as it enters or exits the Floop®. This is also common practice in Horizontal Strip Accumulators.

The Floop® is available for a wide range of applications. Vertical Strip Accumulators have been around for many years and are used on a wide range of applications. Kent Corporation has Floops® running on applications from .020” - .500” thick and material widths from .75” – 52” in 52 countries around the world!

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