SCR 90
Automatic Stacking required by Logistics
The new BEWO SCR-90 stacking system offers unlimited possibilities. BEWO has developed this system based on reliable technology that has proven its worth over many years. By completely integrating this technology with the central control panel of the BEWO sawing machine, a unique combination of versatility and efficiency has been created.
Graphics Technology Make Programming Easy

The BEWO SCR-90 comes standard with 4 different stacking options; several versions of each can be programmed. This is also very easy to do. With the aid of graphics you can enter any required stacking unit on the central Touch Screen control panel of the BEWO sawing line. The screen then graphically indicates whether this is possible within the robot’s reach. You then select the desired form of stacking: square, rectangle or hexagonal bundles, to be stacked on pallets or fitted into crate boxes. Based on this information the entire process is calculated for you and automatically executed. Without having to know how to program a stacking robot, you still profit from the intelligent possibilities of the BEWO SCR-90. BEWO has made the process as simple as possible.

Strong, Fast and Intelligent

The BEWO SCR-90 operates with both a vacuum and a magnetic grip and is able to move a wide row of tubes weighing up to 30 kg at a time. This system can collect tubes from the deburring unit. The tubes are positioned automatically for the grip. Sensors monitor the number of tubes that the robot collects each time. By using two or more loading positions, the SCR-90 can handle uninterrupted production at very high outputs.

Magnetic gripper for stacking robots
Automatic stacking in various forms
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