SCP 90
Automatic Stacking required by Logistics
The versatile BEWO SCP-90 stacking robot forms the final high-tech link in the total automatic sawing process. Based on your sawn products and the ways you wish to package them, one link that may not be missing because it is the finishing touch to the intelligent total solution created for you by BEWO.

BEWO's robot technology allows you total flexibility and capacity. And of course the process component is also operated and controlled from the central control panel of the BEWO sawing machine. Changing over the stacking robot from one product stacking to the next in a matter of seconds.

Powerful, Fast and Intelligent

The BEWO SCP-90 operates with both vacuum and magnetic grip and is able to move a wide row of tubes weighing up to 30 kg at a time. The robot can swivel through 90 degrees and is very accurate. The programmed movements are executed exactly. This makes automated stacking into various forms of stack possible. Such as hexagonal, square or a precise fit into crates, boxes or pallets. The BEWO SCP-90 is fitted with a demagnetizing system.

Automatic stacking in various forms Magnetic gripper for stacking robots
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