MT Model / BMS 90 / SCC 90
Measuring Systems Tailored to Your Process
In addition to a practical measuring table for random length checks, the BEWO MT model, BEWO BMS 90offer two sophisticated length measuring systems that can be directly connected to a sawing machine. The measurement and reading are done using BEWO software on a standard PC.



BEWO Cutting Systems B.V. customers demand ever- higher production capacity, quality and accuracy. This is particularly important for standard size products which subsequently undergo further operations, such as welding, bending and/or punching, performed by robots or other automated systems. The MT measuring table, for long-length measurements, and the SCC and the BMS - two types of measure machines in line which can be coupled with a saw machine.

Up to 3,200 Measurements Per Hour

The Bewo BMS-90 uses a method whereby two plates contact with the tube to be measured. The distance between the two plates is then measured with a very accurate linear measuring system. In line with a BEWO sawing machine the BEWO BMS-90 can process up to 3,200 tubes per hour.

Over 7,000 Measurements Per Hour

The intelligent measuring solution operates without making contact using two digital cameras positioned above the end of the tube. The pictures are taken using a tele-centric objective, combined and analyzed by an intelligent program. This allows the length of the tube to be determined with an accuracy of 0.05 mm. The capacity is more than 7,000 tubes per hour. The program also recognizes any soiling (swarf) on the tube heads, so the measuring process is not affected.

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