250   315   315PK
BEWO 250/315: Ideal Characteristics Amply Demonstrated
BEWO’s manually operated circular saw machines for cutting metal are standard equipment in thousands of work-shops all over the world. Over a period of more than 50 years, the BEWO machine concept has been amply tested and perfected. Not only their safety and ease of use, but also their low maintenance requirements and long life are still unsurpassed.


Burr-Free Saw Cuts

The BEWO manually operated circular saw machines are fitted with a unique jaw system for clamping stock. It clamps the stock on both sides of the saw cut. This produces a burr-free saw cut. The jaw system is self-centering. Each stock item to be cut is always positioned centrally under the saw blade, regardless of its dimensions. This reduces saw-blade wear, and makes it easy to cut both right and left miters.

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