TMC-90    SCM-90

Cleaning at Full Speed

For the future process of your sawn tubes, it may be critically important they should leave your sawing cell in immaculate condition.

To ensure this, BEWO has developed automatic cleaning machines that can effortlessly keep up with its fastest sawing lines. As part of an integral tailor-made solution, the cleaning machine is precisely controlled from the centralized control panel of the sawing line.


The BEWO TMC-90, as the most universal cleaning machine, can be coupled with all BEWO sawing machines. It has a processing capacity of up to 4,000 parts per hour. The machine is made of stainless steel and optimally insulated in terms of both heat and noise. The innovative machine concept used ingenious flow principles designed to make maximum use of heat generated. Energy consumption is, therefore, remarkably low. The TMC-90 comes standard with a 1,200 mm drying zone.


The latest development in automated cleaning matches the performance of the world’s most productive sawing line, the BEWO SCM-90 Sigma. With a maximum cleaning capacity of up to 7,000 parts per hour, the BEWO SCM-90 is quite capable of handling the Sigma’s enormous output. The tube products are positioned and transported using servo-control drums. The standard drying zone is 1,430 mm long. All functions like heating, cleaning agent dispensing, drying, water circulation and filtering have been developed by BEWO to the highest of reliability, quality, durability and economy.

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