The Most Flexible with the Shortest Changeover
The BEWO SCF-90 Single offers the ideal solution for the super-fast production of smaller volumes of different types of products. Because of its unique flexibility and extremely short changeover times, this machine makes it possible to dramatically reduce the production costs of smaller batches, allowing you to respond to rapidly changing market conditions with greater success and profitability.

As the flexible single version of the SCF-90 line, this machine features the same top-class technology as the Sigma, like a 5.5 kW motor and a cutting speed to 50 to 300 m/min. It also has the same versatile range: tube diameters of 8 - 90 mm, rectangular and square profiles from 10 x 10 mm to 80 80 mm.

Handling various sizes - round, square and rectangular - using 1 jaw
Non-contact positioning using servo techniques without changing jaws.
Robustly constructed bunker
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