Highest Hourly Output, Lowest Cost Per Product
The BEWO SCF-90 Sigma is unequaled in the efficient mass production of large volumes of tube and profiles. Its fully automatic standard processing of 1 to 6 tubes simultaneously makes this sawing line into the fastest and most productive in the world.

Its extremely high output can reach 7,000 items per hour in line or 15,000 stand-alone. The 5.5 kW motor produces a cutting speed of 50 to 300 m/min. The minimum tube diameter that can handle is 8mm and the maximum 90 mm. Rod stock, rectangular and square profiles - from a minimum of 10 x 10 mm and a maximum of 80 x 80 mm - are cut super fast and extremely accurately. As an option, simultaneous sawing up to 102 mm is possible; for instance 4 x 1”. To prevent tubes from becoming damaged during transport, they are lifted up so that they are not in contact with either the base or the rear jaw.

Sawing 1 to 6 Tubes Simultaneously
Non-Contact Positioning Using Servo Techniques
Pre-positioned without interrupting the production process and eliminating spaghetti formation
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