FCH 90
The Perfect Sawing Line for the All-Round Work Shop
The BEWO FCH-90 is reliable, versatile and economical - those are the most important characteristics of the BEWO FCH-90. A trouble free all-round machine for the all-round workshop. The BEWO FCH-90 has already proven its value worldwide with more than 350 machines being delivered.
Dual servo-controlled feed rollers
Punch and mould in cassette system
Ease of Operation

The BEWO FCH--90 is rated highly because of its ingenious machine concept, stability and ease of operation. It comes standard with a frequence regulator for the saw and transport motors and, partly due to its gear-driven cutter head, is totally resonance free. This also benefits the operating life of the saw blade. Thanks to the quick change basin, the automatic saw-stroke selection and length backstop with digital read-out, in conjunction with Siemens operating unit, operating the machine is easy and changeover times are very short.

Great Versatility, Top Performance

The BEWO FCH--90 is fitted with a 5.5kW motor; its cutting speed is from 35-240 m/min. It has a capacity of up to 2,800 pieces per hour. Tube diameters vary from 8 mm to 90 mm, tube lengths: with production lengths from 30 mm to 5000 mm. The 4-point V-jaw system ensures extremely accurate and fast positioning.

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