DCH 76
Unique Concept for Doubling Productivity
The BEWO DCH-76 is the world’s most economic sawing line for tubes up to 76mm in diameter, Its unique innovative machine concept makes it possible to simultaneously cut 2 tubes of different lengths in an uninterrupted sawing process, even at larger wall thicknesses. This doubling of productivity results in an output of up to 4,500 pieces per hour.
Per-positioning of 2 tubes to generate an uninterrupted cutting process
Independent dual sevo-controlled feed rollers
Discharge unit with various stacking position



Bewo's DCH-76-M, still the fastest automatic circular saw in the world with its unique double tube cutting design, is particularly popular with companies running high speed mass production.

This machine, of which many hundreds are in daily use, offers exceptional accuracy and speed with an hourly capacity of 4500 pieces, overshadowing the products of all the other manufacturers on the market.

An extensive range of control features is offered as standard; however the DCH-70-M can be optimized even further with an optional program for feeding stock materials of uneven lengths. Like all Bewo automatic sawing machines the DCH-76-M can be installed in-line with the deburring, measuring, washing or the robot-stacking machine. All these functions are completely integrated in the operating system.

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